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Blip has been in the design industry for many years now, starting out doing primarily print design and then later branching out into website development. Below is a summary of what Blip can do:

Website Development & Design

Do you need an online presence, then Blip can create you a website that will function on all devices, from computers to mobile phones. Every website is built using a content management system, which, for those "non-technically orientated people", means that you, the client, will be able to edit the content of your pages.

Vector Illustrations

What is a vector illustration? Vector art is created on the computer using a drawing application like Adobe Illustrator. The main benefit of vector art is that you can reproduce the artwork at any size. Your logo, for example, will have the same quality when reproduced whether it is the size of a postage stamp or massive, like when printed on a billboard. Vector art is particularly suited to artwork with crisp lines, like, for example, the Blip logo which is featured on this website.

Print Design

Blip is primarily involved in website development, but can also take on print-orientated work. Having a background in print design helps you, the client, because I understand what works and does not work when it comes to artwork that will be used on multiple devices or for printing.

Photo Retouching

If you need a photo cleaned up or some manipulation done, whether it is just subtle "tweaks" or complex altering of the photo or photos, then you are welcome to get in touch and see if I can assist.